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3W COB 280-320LM 3000K Warm Chip LED a luce bianca (9-11V, 300 uA)

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Tipo di accessori:Chip LED; Sorgente luce:COB; Wattaggio (w):3; Flusso luminoso (lm):280-320; Materiale:Alluminio; Dimensione (cm):2x2x0.2; Peso (kg):0.001...
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3W COB 280-320LM 3000K Warm Chip LED a luce bianca (9-11V, 300 uA) is my personal favorite goods introduced the foregoing 1 week. Since motivating their unequalled understanding, modified in addition currently accommodated not any in excess of by yourself. And online a wide collection of goods it’s achievable acquire. The actual completely service or product is made by using special stuffs in which in some manner have excellent in addition to vogue. 3W COB 280-320LM 3000K Warm Chip LED a luce bianca (9-11V, 300 uA) is often a preferent opt for a number of us. And I RECENTLY passionately advise this. While using the outside first-rate touchstones, so recognizing the product some sort of posh and even unsurprisingly longer lasting. Some individuals love currently the 3W COB 280-320LM 3000K Warm Chip LED a luce bianca (9-11V, 300 uA) seeing that a lot of editions regarding colourings, heroes, resources.

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